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Carb Rebuild

The van has been running a little rough, prior owner thought it might need a good carb cleaning or rebuild. I decided to just go ahead and do the rebuild. This was my first time doing a rebuild on something more complicated than a lawn mower. I did a lot of research prior to tackling... Continue Reading →

A little cleanup

Well I found out the van is not water tight, so pulled out the rubber mats to dry out the floor and found quite a bit of what seems to be original New Mexico dirt and a little bit of surface rust. Some cleanup and some fresh paint on the floor: Looks clean, and gave... Continue Reading →

First Fix

Tackled the first repair—a new master cylinder. Here is my shop helper: Out with the old: In with the new: Lessons learned: Bench bleeding makes life much better. Now that we can stop, we can work on going. Next up will be some carb cleaning/rebuilding.

Tight Fit

We have a one car garage, that has not had a car in it since we moved in over 11 years ago. It is quite full. Will the van even fit? Well, with some planning, measuring, rearranging...not everything shown here would be fit with the van too. The hood for my truck (next to the... Continue Reading →

The Beginning

"It would be fun to fix up an old truck" My wife may forever regret saying those words. What I heard was "go out and find a project car as soon as possible". So the idea was planted and I started thinking about the criteria I wanted in a project car. Has to be within... Continue Reading →

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